Facts about ME.


Facts about me. Yes, the kid in the Photo is Me. “When I’m was small”

I was born in 1988
I’m a Sagittarius but I know it doesn’t mean anything.
I’m 173cm
I’m a Malaysian and I love my neighbor country-Thailand.
I’m High school graduated.
I’m a good listener for gorgeous ladies only.
I’m still single.
I’m smoking and I preferred Peter Stuyvesant.
I love Money and currency I love the most is USD.
I love my name and I love everyone called me “Y”
I love Technology & Gadgets.
I love Apple products but I’m only having i5s.
I love Sports-bikes and I always dream to become a Rider.
I love my sports-bike-Kawasaki ZX6R aka 636 (Year 2014)
I love French Fries.
I love to drinking beer.
I have one elder brother and one youngest sister.
I hate liars.
I rarely say “Sorry” but when I say it I mean it.
I like to follow trends.
I can count the number of friends that I have.
I can’t live without the internet and mobile phone.
I seek for perfection in almost everything I do.


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