My Bike

Hey, She’s mine!!! Kawasaki Ninja ZX6R aka 636. My first sports-bike.

I’m brought her back at my age 26 (2014). It ain’t easy though. The selling price at that moment is RM 75,000 included 1 year vehicle’s insurance & 1 year road tax.  I’m still remember how hard I worked to save for my down payment RM 25,000 in order to have her. And the balance RM 50,000 goes to hire purchase excluded the interest at the bank for 84 months.

Some of you might saying “That’s too expensive to having a bike cost at RM75k” This amount could use it in another way that will benefits to me or I may use RM75k to purchase a flats for investments or vehicle that safe me on the roads.
Well, I would tell you that you don’t know how it feels while you’re riding. I just love to ride and the sounds she makes me cum. LOL.


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