We has been together for 10days on 520. You know what! Ive so much to say. I didn’t go for any relationship since I divorced with my Ex/wife since 2013. Reason being I didn’t really able to fall in love with other untill I realised she is the one. We met in a casino club somewhere located at Sri Hartamas, KL. Don’t get me wrong. I didn’t go for gambling. I went there with my boss. 

I don’t know why i am so much in love with her. She is the only one girl who can makes me feel i want to marry and who I want to care of. Every words she were saying will directly effected to my emotions deep inside my heart. 
But these are just a dream. A dream can only lasts for 10days. I tattoed this because she is the one to remind me love was strong so don’t go for it. 


你是唯一一个影响我心情的人 我早就选择相信你了 也没再怀疑过你 我怎么舍得让你伤心 最不想见到的却是你脸上不开心的模样 那种失落的语气也会让我的心扑通的跳 我只要求你跟我在一起过的快乐幸福 你确实是我的全部 我真的不想看见你不开心 

Feeling down.

Well, I thought I can start to do what I am passionate about. I thought I can start my own business like I was posted in my last blog post. I thought everything will go smooth. But life full of unexpected. That’s not going to happened. “At the moment” 

Being an Entrepreneur 

Started my own business recently. Being an Entrepreneur ain’t easy especially for newbie like me. It really a big step for me to hop from being employee to entrepreneur with very tight start up cost. 

I wanna to make a changes for my career at least success on something that I have never done before and what am I passionate about. 

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If I were a Billionaire

The first thing I’d do is pay off all my loans.
Those of my best friends & family helped me during my tough time could be the luckiest human being in the world.
They don’t have to deal with their living anymore. Especially my bestie N. He is the one who really helping me without asking for any return. If I becomes a billionaire overnight. I would share all my winning with him. 🙂 It’s sounded too good to be true. LOL. I’m serious.

If I were a billionaire, I’d work closely with those charity organisations to builds Old Folks Homes and Orphanages. Not because these could makes me proud of but we should always helping those who need helps and cares.

If I were a billionaire, I’d travel all around the world. I love to explores new things and new peoples.

If I were a billionaire, I’d stop dreaming that I will be a billionaire someday. But this seem so far for me. 😦

I wanna be a billionaire, so fucking bad.